Our Team

We’re passionate about providing you with innovative retirement strategies and solutions that help protect your future. Working together, we can customize a strategy that meets your personal and business needs, while helping you navigate a complex financial world.

Jeffrey Viveros, President

Jeff has been helping people become educated on their financial options for over 34 years. To forward his mission of bringing education and knowledge to American retirees and pre-retirees, Jeff was involved with his brother in founding Educators Financial Services and Safe Harbor Financial.

Jeff and his brother Eric have also spent over 2 decades working with teachers to help them navigate through the maze of financial options that are available to them. Because teachers are important to the future of our country, by educating our future leaders, Jeff has a passion about helping them maximize the opportunities available to them.

“Children are a crucial part of our lives – they are our future leaders and will determine our future. Teachers are out there every day giving their all in an underpaid working environment to educate our children. Teachers are an underserved group because their assets may not be as large as other working Americans so they often do not get the attention we feel they deserve. I have spent over 30 years working with teachers, and often as a goodwill gesture, to make sure they understand all of the options and benefits available to them.”
Due to years of training and education in his profession, as well as the coveted training and title as an Ed Slott Master IRA Advisor, Jeff takes an educational approach with everyone he works with.

As someone who considers himself a consumer advocate, Jeff knows that retirement should be a rewarding time to spend doing what you enjoy with family or friends, but for many it can be confusing and worrisome not knowing if you will have enough money to make it through retirement.

Jeff approaches each conversation and meeting through an educational method. He assumes nothing and addresses each person’s needs and goals as unique to them.
Jeff does community outreach educational programs with local colleges to help people understand retirement planning as well as educational workshops to let people know about various options that are available to them to maximize their social security benefits. Jeff’s personal policy is to consider each person or family he works with as part of his family and he treats them accordingly.
On a personal note, Jeff is a Christian and his donations go to his Church and the schools he is involved with. When Jeff is not working with clients or delivering educational workshops, he is spending time with his lovely wife and daughter. He has a strong family of 3 brothers and a courageous mother whom he is very fond of.

James Viveros, Vice President

Eric is passionate about education and the right all of us have to be educated (as per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights). Eric is an Adjunct Professor of Finance at Del Mar College (Corpus Christi), Alamo College (San Antonio) & University of Texas Brownsville.
Eric considers himself first and foremost a relationship builder. He believes in doing what is right for the person or family he is entrusted to help and he does this with 100% transparency conveying both the upside and downside potential of every option. Eric is working in this business of helping people navigate their financial and retirement options because of the rewards of working with others.

Background – 19 years ago Eric went with his brother Jeff to visit a few families that Jeff had helped with their retirement accounts. When Eric saw that these families greeted Jeff like a brother and hugged him when he walked in, that was the beginning of a new future. Eric left a very lucrative career with a large national corporation to sit with people and families and educate them on the various benefits and draw backs of any financial vehicle and option.

To forward his mission of bringing education and knowledge to American retirees and pre-retirees, Eric was involved with his brother in founding Educators Financial Services and Safe Harbor Financial.

Eric specializes in retirement planning and is well versed in many different retirement systems. Eric has been asked on several occasions to speak about Social Security Benefits and Financial Retirement Strategies all over Texas. Eric has been recognized as an elite consultant by some of the major insurance companies who specialize in financial products.

Eric’s 19 years of experience and service in the financial services industry bring exceptional dedication, understanding of client needs, market & product knowledge as well as specialized training in the various products with which he works. He enjoys helping people plan for the future.

On a personal note, he has 4 wonderful children, 3 of whom are in college. Eric has volunteered at his church for over 12 years on the fundraising committee. He is also involved with the Boy Scouts local Troop152 on a weekly basis. Eric is the youngest of 3 brothers and is, of course, his mother’s favorite.